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Formed in 1987, the Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute is a private, non-profit governmental research organization. IFPI is the state's only independent source of continuing research into the impact of state taxing and spending policies in Indiana.

IFPI is privately supported by a variety of organizations, corporations, associations, and individuals in Indiana and surrounding states. 

IFPI’s Mission is to enhance the effectiveness and accountability of state and local government through the education of public sector, business, and labor leaders on significant fiscal policy issues and the consequences of state and local decisions.

The Institute makes a significant contribution to the important, ongoing debate over the appropriate role of government. The Institute does not lobby, support, or oppose candidates for public office. Instead, it relies on objective research evidence as the basis for assessing sound state fiscal policy. 

Contributions to the IFPI are fully tax deductible under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. 

The Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute is a member of the National Taxpayer's Conference and the Governmental Research Association.

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A Report Prepared for the Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute by John L. Mikesell
Report released March 18, 2015
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Welcome from IFPI President
John Ketzenberger

Reliable information ought to be the basis for formulating public policy, which is exactly the Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute’s mission. For more than 25 years the IFPI has worked to establish this position in the public policy realm and this redesigned website is the new portal through which we’ll disseminate our work.

Inside you’ll find our reports and commentary about them from us and others. You can learn about the IFPI’s events and sign up to attend them. Check the fiscal policy zeitgeist through our blog, where you’ll be able to keep track of what’s happening around the state. Membership is just a few clicks away, too.

This is meant to be the place for the interchange of ideas based on reliable information gained through research. I hope you’ll visit often and consider joining us in our effort to ensure this debate continues on a sound footing.

Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute

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